Our Technology

Here at the office, we have the latest technological tools for your teeth, including a 3-D imaging machine that let’s us see your teeth from every angle. There are a complex set of treatment challenges, like bone health, tooth structure, and jaw function, and the i-Cat is the perfect tool for determining the issue and how to correct it. Our next generation i-CATmachine can scan you entire mouth in just under 10 seconds. After that, it takes less than a minute for the software to take all the information in order to construct an exact replica of your teeth. From there, we can assess of there are any cysts, abscesses, bone density or wisdom teeth that need our attention. The best part, it’s all done without surgery!

With 3-D imaging developed from i-CAT’s CT-scans, everyone involved can see much more. Turning oral surgery into oral health SUCCESS on a profoundly consistent basis. Patients see it. You see it. We see it. Performance patients, dentists and specialists will appreciate in numerous ways.

The i-CAT isn’t the only fancy piece of tech we have. We keep all our equipment up to date with the latest technology. We even have lasers to assist with tooth eruption. When you visit the offices of Dr. Bright, you’re going to get the best service with the best equipment possible.